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Living Room Pop Ceiling Designs

pop ceiling designs for living room white brown round pop ceiling design in living room1

Other pop-up solutions endorse efficiency — as is the case with a pop-up apartment we recently spotted on Design You Trust This bed, for example, disappears into the ceiling and unveils a sunken living room area. Designed by Angelus Temple architect A.F. Leicht, known for his fanciful designs, the home features ornate accents, wood carvings, […]

False Ceiling Designs Bedrooms

pop ceiling design for bedroom modern pop false ceiling interior bedroom gypsum ceiling 4

Just off the den, the peach-hued master bedroom, with its coffered ceiling, is filled with glass cases displaying Much like her mother’s grand decorating gestures, Holly’s home is filled with eclectic selections. “In the past 13 years I’ve built As part of the launch, New Urban West is working with ArtCenter College of Design to […]