18 Ceiling Medallions, Crown Molding, and Ceiling Domes

Photos of the Ceiling Medallions, Crown Molding, and Ceiling Domes

One of the easiest and most time-consuming projects is the installation of a medal on the ceiling. Although used to be made of plaster, now decorative ornaments are made of mild polyurethane foam. This makes them easier to handle. The ceiling medallions are used to draw attention to chandeliers and lamps, or to enhance the crown molding. They can also be combined with a rosette and used to decorate an unusual ceiling. You can use this architectural ornament as wall decoration. Use some small ones in the hallway. Ceiling medalions are versatile and come in many styles and sizes. They can be painted to fit any room. The ceiling medallion is one of the most popular architectural details.

The ceiling dome is similar to the median ceiling because it can turn the room into a work of art. However, they are larger and completely hidden in the ceiling, requiring them to be planned during construction. The ceiling dome effectively enhances the foyer, dining room, living room, or even the bathroom.

Crown printing, also referred to as a crown mold, or cornice, is probably the most important architectural element used to define interior space. Most interior designers today agree that every room benefits from the use of crown molding treatments. Crown molding smooths the transition from wall to ceiling and does not specify the architectural style of a room. The size and style of the crown molds used can vary greatly, ranging from simple bays in farmhouse kitchens to large built-up cornices in large entries.

These are just some of the architectural designs and accents that you can use to improve the overall experience of everyone who enters your home.
The ceiling is an area of ​​space that is often dormant when it is time to redecorate (or repair). There are so many things you can do too, it’s cheap, but gives a simple elegance that suits your style. Choose a decorative ceiling medal, crown mold, ceiling dome, rose, or print panel, just to name a few. Three of my favorite ways to accent the ceiling: the median ceiling, the ceiling dome, and the crown mold.

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