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Since kitchen cabinets are used for storing goods and food, they also have to clean up perhaps for health reasons. You can take advantage of your cabinet void: replace torn contact paper, cork, or other cabinet liners.
Then place the contents inside. You can even return your wax closet. Usually, cleaning in cleaning old candles. Use simple waxes and polishes that are not silicon-based. By doing this, you will be sure that no dust layer accumulates in your closet.

Sometimes, the surface of your cabinet exterior piles layers of dirt, especially near the handle.
To clean it quickly, mix some vegetable oil and two parts of baking soda. Dip a cloth or sponge into it and rub the surface. You can also use a used toothbrush to clean up some details.
When the interior is more important than what the eye sees. When cleaning the interior of your cabinet, you must empty the contents. It’s like setting up a field.

If your cabinet is not painted, you can mix some soap and mild water in a bucket. Wash the inside of the cabinet, scrub a bit if needed, with a cloth or sponge.
Sometimes we keep food and other elements in our closets, and accidents happen. If you have an oil spill in it, rub the surface with the side of your sponge scrub. The same work for stubborn dirt.
Remember that dirt can not clean the dirt, so please gargle your sponge or clothes as often as possible.
After cleaning it, dry it with a towel and then use a lint-free cloth to give the finishing touch.

If your closet is painted, crush them and try in a near-hidden part if your soap and water mixture will remove the paint. If not, do as we suggested earlier; If it is, use only water.
If your cabinet is made of metal or vinyl, it’s time to use a spray cleaner instead of a water mix. Spray the cabinet and then clean the residue with a sponge or cloth.

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