10 False Ceiling Designs

A false ceiling is simply a supported blanket under your normal ceiling. With that in mind, you may get a false ceiling to all types of optical tricks.

They cling to various false ceilings a layered look in your ceiling and you can create different lights, add different angles for maximum drama. It can also make your room look bigger, depending on how you use it

What kinds of these false ceiling are there? There are three main types of these ceilings: plaster, metal and gypsum. Plaster ceilings were due to their lightweight, flexible, and even fire resistant properties was the choicest selection. These plates may be square or conical, and it can fill in the gaps between the plates.

You can get a plaster ceiling with nails to wood fiber boards and are flexible, strong and fire resistant. Metal ceilings are favored by interior that require a minimalist look clean and are ideal for locations with heavy machinery or industrial Great Rooms. Finally, gypsum is great for these blankets as to cure it once and can then be pasted on fiberboard ceiling. These are known for their smooth and uniform appearance.

There are many of these designs, once you choose the material you work with know. Unlike regular blankets these false ceiling can be formed in ornate waves or curves and can fantastic shapes, playing with different light sources or different colored lights for great visual effects. If you minimal furniture but want maximum impact, one of these blankets is definitely the way to go to ensure that your stay rooms always edgy and cool in memory.

Photos of the False Ceiling Designs

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