10 Floating Kitchen Island

Photos of the Floating Kitchen Island

The floating kitchen island that Chinese designers are introducing is specially designed to maximize the kitchen space. They attribute traditional kitchen utensils in three modern ecological islands designed. The most amazing part is that the islands are hanging from the roof with stable steel cables that can be adjusted to the desired height.

Not only it’s convenient, it also gives a wonderful atmosphere with decorative lamps along the line cables. This floating island is indeed a breakthrough in the history of kitchen design.

An island of floating kitchen is not an imaginary island that can happen in Harry Potter magical world. What is real and you can have in your kitchen. How can it be? Today, designers develop ideas on how to maximize the use of space in a packaged food and that kind of island is chosen as the best solution. Chinese designers Chaoran Zheng, Zheng Fu Yetao and introduce Chaoran island most practical kitchen that suits the spirit of the high technology we have in this millennia.

Judging by the complexity of the kitchen island above, it seems that it is impossible for commoners to have them in a friendly cost, is not it? There is another way to create an island of floating kitchen that suits your budget and still look the same floating magic. One of the tricks is hiding the base of your kitchen island to the view. Instead of installing it on the sides of the island, you can create a small base in the deep inside of your island, your floating island seem far. It is commonly used since the early 70s because of its ability to give character to a kitchen design.

If you want something easier to create your own floating island kitchen, you can install rolls under your whole island that allows you to move around your kitchen. Do not forget to install the rollers inside the island, it is not visible from the outside. If you choose those that are high enough, it will create a floating island as for your guests to love it. You can also mount one side of your kitchen island in a wall by a solid steel that makes up the other side of it seems to float in the air.

It is not possible to create your own floating island kitchen with your own choice of budget. If high-tech one can not be achieved, it is time for you to use your exceptional creativity in action and create more original ideas.

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