14 Types Of Kitchen Designs

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I very like with kitchen, my mom and my wife doing something in kitchen to make me health and happy. I think all family in the world doing it too.  i hope you get ideas for your family kitchen to make her happy because she doing something to make you happy too.

The traditional kitchen design has evolved into a practical. Where only one person be used to prepare meals, today transformed the space into a room where people do everything together with Koch. The following are the different types of designs for your kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen designs
The U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped kitchen design has three walls of equipment or cabinets. Today, the design of only three walls, to an L-shaped kitchen, which has an island evolved. In this case, the island is the third wall. This design works well because it attracts many people to the kitchen. A working kitchen island may include cabinets for storage. It can also be a place to prepare food, eat and store drinks. The island is to convert a one-wall kitchen in a pantry and a horseshoe-shaped floor plan in an L-shape. The kitchens are highly functional spaces, although many perceive wrong to make as mandatory, the kitchen is complete.

The G-shaped kitchen design
The G-shaped kitchen house design is a version of the U-shaped kitchen layout. This has the same amount of storage possibilities and counter space as the U-shaped kitchen layout. However, the only difference between a G-shaped one and a U-shaped one that the former includes a fourth wall part further housing. G-shaped kitchen designs may seem narrow, depending on how big or small your kitchen is.

The galley kitchen design
Galley Cook houses are the functional cookhouse designs of all. By nature, these kitchen designs make efficient use of confined spaces, to feed many people. However, what has its drawbacks at home in a commercial kitchen. The galley style, however, makes it impossible for the family in the kitchen, to interact with each other. A Kitchen House, which is open on both sides is even better.

One-wall kitchen
This cook houses are found in small houses. The one-wall kitchen acts by naturally keep all cooking tools, equipment, etc. in one place, making them easy to reach. It can be hidden behind pocket doors or sliding doors to minimize the visual clutter in such a small space. Unfortunately, the area, the sink and the refrigerator is still take a lot of counter space, although it can accommodate cabinets. In fact, today, the layout with a built-in island and furniture is very popular with many become and be in Cook houses used a lot.

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