46 Kitchen Base Cabinet Dimensions

Photos of the Kitchen Base Cabinet Dimensions

Wide Kitchen Cabinets
Most suppliers work on an incrementally progressive scale of three inches wide. Bases and tops start at a width of nine inches (9 inches) and extend to twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty-one and so on … until the width reaches forty-eight inches (48 “).

Standard Cabinet
The bottom cupboard in the kitchen is always thirty-four inches high and one and a half inches (34-1 / 2 “) This is the correct height corresponding to the standard tool dimension.The height of the dishwasher and the distance should always be taken into consideration when there is a change on a basic cabinet created during the installation process.

The correct depth is twenty-four inches (24 “) to the face frame.The overall depth is twenty-four and three-fourths of an inch (24-3 / 4”) above the door. The standard desk should be installed at a depth of twenty-five inches and a quarter inches. This will result in a half-inch overhang from the face of the base cabinet door forward.
Whenever there is a desk area in the kitchen, a dresser should be chosen thirty inches tall and twenty-one inches high. The width of the box is still working on a progressive three-inch scale. Some production faculty make basic cabinets within twenty-four inches.

Toe Base
The base cabinet kick area is generally set back three inches from the front door. The height can vary from four to six inches.
Knee Arms or Lap drawer
This altitude can vary from one company to another. The dimension range falls between four inches in height and six inches. The standard width is generally twenty-one inches long and continues into forty-eight. This desk / pencil drawer section can be purchased in depths of twenty-one and twenty-four inches.

Dimensions Kitchen Wardrobe Top Walls
The range of the hood and the refrigerator cabinet began to rise twelve inches and gradually increased by three inches (3 inches).
The standard high alloys start at a height of thirty inches (30 “) and increase to forty-eight.The normal incremental increase is six inches (6”). The height of the closet wall increases like this: 30> 36> 42> 48.
The standard depth dimension for a “top” kitchen cabinet is twelve inches. Some companies sell sixteen inch deep wall cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets with High Kitchen Kitchen
Eighty-four, ninety, ninety-three and ninety-six inches seem to be the kitchen dimension of kitchen cabinets. The width will start from twelve inches and move up to forty-eight wide. The depth of the pantry cabinet will start at twelve and advance at three inches.

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