11 Kitchen Colors for 2015

2015 designs are packed with original ideas and beautiful kitchen, and this is definitely reflected in the kitchen colors 2015th.
The first kitchen color for 2015 Greek blue and is especially suitable for the modern kitchen. Greek Blue are very present in kitchen tables, cushions, and even kitchen cabinets! If you do not really feel like buying new kitchen cabinets, you can can definitely find some Greek Blue and refinish your cabinets themselves. So you can be trendy and save money at the same time!

If you thought the 1960s were dead, you are wrong! Colors from the 1960s are back in vogue and we see them coming back to our kitchens. The emerging shades of olive and orange will be the main attraction in 2015, what new opportunities for vintage and modern kitchen. Orange can be a difficult color to work with, so the proper lighting in the kitchen if you decide to go with Orange the 1960s.

Land lovers will also be very happy this year because pastel colors Many people will in 2015 be recommended to enjoy the softness of pastel colors, and the light can create in a small room, but this does not mean that pastel colors are only suitable for small kitchens, incredible to see them in large kitchens and. Pastel colors are also incredibly easy to combine with lighting. Many people find their kitchen too dark, with pastel colors that will not be a problem! You could even add a minimal lighting, your kitchen is still bright and spacious!

Modern kitchen lovers shocking colors place this year, but also neutral gray. Although Gray could be used in the traditional cuisine of today, it is hard for many to be the perfect addition to its modern kitchen. Modern always has a certain contrast and neutral gray this will make possible.

Going further, in the 1960s trend, it seems a whole new market for olive green. Not many people love green, but olive oil looks sharp in traditional kitchens amazing. Olive is so much not used for walls of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands, but more. The only downside to the olive green is that it will be quite dark, which will make your kitchen appear smaller. Olive is not recommended for very small kitchen. If you do have your heart set on olive green, combine color with a few well-placed lighting. Adding lights under cabinets and even around your kitchen island will create space, takes away olive green.

Bold colors are no longer a futuristic option for 2015, lots of it. Shocking pink, fuchsia or neon green, nothing is too crazy for kitchens this year, but it is only recommended for strong colors in modern kitchens, since they tend to create a lot of contrast in every room.

Photos of the Kitchen Colors for 2015

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