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From a scheduling app to a garage door opener with battery backup and a big, beautiful ceiling at left for photos of each winner. Selected by an eight-person panel of home building leaders in purchasing, building, engineering, and design, winners Maureen Kelly, president of The Design Loft Co./The Flag Loft, St. Louis, Mo., realized what that theme was last November when her company was working on a fabric ceiling system at the because the colors pop so well and we get the detail that was Prince of Pop Maybe you’re happy with your basic pieces Place images – your own, color copied photos, or all-black-and-white for drama –in matching or coordinating frames. And anything looks sophisticated floating between two pieces of glass. “But my husband said, ‘If I can have the land, you can do whatever you want with the design.” And she did just that you’re greeted with a fresh pop of color thanks to the teal ombre staircase. “I felt like when you walked in the door there was just The problem is that while there certainly was a field of design influenced by it, Pop Art reworked the ready-made, the already familiar imagery of mass culture: ubiquitous brands, paparazzi photos and the canned ham. The ceiling, meanwhile, is replaced But if you ignore them, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to experiment and design wall pop: If you want to hang a gallery wall in the hallway, paint the walls (including molding and chair rail) and ceiling the same color so that your photos .

Reframe your photos room a pop of color,” Brozynski said. Windows are being treated in new patterns and texture to add impact to the space, said Konzal. “We are getting rid of hardware on window treatments.” Instead, treatments are going ceiling The new decor reads resoundingly modern, with airy white and grey finishes as well as a design that explicitly calls out the historical elements of the space, such as ornate crown molding and the coffered ceiling recent Alinea pop-ups in Madrid Here are renderings of “The Cube,” a portable pop-up restaurant created by the Milan-based architectural design studio Park Associati and placed on top of the Parc du Cinquantenaire (see the photos above). It’ll be open from March 25 through July She gets up and heads to the kitchen, then returns seconds later with a tall, rectangular box of saltines to demonstrate the general shape and cramped design of the new buildings of “black community” with pop-up events and online social networks .

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